An Investment That Pays.

Invest In Community.

Invest In You.

Interested in becoming a shareholder?

Richwood stockholders live, work and contribute to our central Ohio community.

Are you considering an investment in Richwood?

We offer…

Self-Directed IRAs

Hold unique and varied investment options inside a retirement account

Dividend Reinvestment

Reinvest your cash dividends to buy more Richwood stock

What We Do.

We aspire to be different. On purpose, with purpose.

Giving back… one cup at a time.

Does your morning cup of coffee give back to the community? At Richwood Coffee, every cup gives back to the communities we serve. Located inside Richwood Bank, Richwood Coffee gives 100% of donations made for drinks back to our nonprofit beneficiaries.

Aspiring to be Different

Richwood Bank, a community bank with eight branch locations in Central Ohio aspires to to be different in the banking industry. With purpose, on purpose.

Community Business is a Big Deal.

It’s an interesting concept. From graphic design and website development to video production, we’re helping businesses who bank with us to grow their brands.

How We Do It.

As a Richwood Bancshares Stockholder, your investment grows more than just your portfolio. Richwood Bank provides loans to the people and business owners from the funds deposited locally. In short, your stock is rooted to support the very growth of the people who live and work in your community.
Thank you! Your commitment creates value for everyone.

The team at Richwood Bank reinvest our growth through the investment of time as well as financial support. Here’s a few facts that continue to increase every year:

  • Our employees serve on nearly 60 boards.
  • We support more than 140 nonprofits annually.
  • Our employees participate in nearly 100 community events annually.
  • Our employees fill more than 600 volunteer spots a year.
  • We’ve surpassed over $200,000 in donations for our nonprofit beneficiaries through Richwood Coffee.
  • Our employees give more than 1,500 hours of their time to volunteer annually.

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Shelley Pfeiffer

Investor Relations